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Cleaning Services

G Five Hygiene & Cleaning Services is the national leader in the provision of cleaning services. We operating across a huge array of sectors, retail, office, education, and recreation for over 10 years, we have the skills and experience necessary to provide all your cleaning services. But that’s enough about us. What about you?

You need…

A reliable, flexible, and committed contract cleaning partner

Our management team is committed to delivering a cleaning solution that supports you and your business. We have been around for 10 years. We have grown and prospered because the things that are important to us as a business are important to our clients: excellence, reliability,  openness, accountability, customer service, teamwork, innovation, value, and experience.

Cleaning excellence in complex and varied environments 

By continually investing in our people and resources we have stayed at the forefront of our industry. The sheer breadth of our experience has allowed us to amass a wide range of specialisms. We approach your complex or demanding environment with the confidence that our ability to listen and learn coupled with our investment in recruiting and training the best people and in harnessing the right equipment will allow us to provide the best possible service to you.

Value, best practice, and innovation

Our management structure allows us to transfer quality and expertise across multiple sites and contracts, spreading best practices throughout our organization and sharing them with our clients. The challenges of the industry today, not least carbon emission reduction, mean we must be innovative about everything. That’s why it is one of our core values.

Check out our range of cleaning services below.

Daily Office Cleaning - Daytime Office Cleaning

Increasingly the office space is seen as a home from home. This challenges the service you need from your daily cleaning partner.  We make a commitment to you to ensure that your daily office cleaning is done to the highest standard in the most efficient and productive way. We currently deliver our service across Cape Town. Our bespoke solutions are designed around you and your office’s needs, ensuring that you get the best possible service for your site.

Our cleaning operatives are competent, committed, and attentive. As your cleaning partner, we are reliable, innovative, and dedicated. We take a proactive approach to our cleaning, anticipating issues and taking pre-emptive measures to ensure your workplace is consistently maintained at its best. 

We bring innovation through our tailored:

  • Processes and equipment

  • Account management

  • Training and continuous refresher training

Retail Cleaning

Wouldn’t you like to have the reassurance that your cleaning partner is a specialist in retail cleaning?

G Five Cleaning Services has served and continues to serve some of the premium brands in the industry. Some of our largest retail clients have been with us for over ten years. 

The expertise we have developed over decades of working with the retail sector in the Western Cape means we understand that the biggest concern of any retailer is its customers, so we train our operatives to meet the high standards set by you in order to uphold your brand values and reputation in the eyes of your customers.

With over 10 years of experience in retail we:

  • Understand the specific needs of the retail environment

  • Are ready to adapt to the changing daily needs of the retail sector

  • Always put your customers and your reputation first

  • Make health and safety practices a priority 

Daytime Cleaning

We provide flexible, committed, and responsive operatives to ensure that your site is maintained throughout the day.  Our operatives respond to incidents immediately, preventing disruption to your operations and minimising the risks to your customers and employees alike. We currently deliver our service across the Western Cape and our bespoke solutions are designed around you and your needs, ensuring that you get the best possible service for your site.

Our daytime cleaning services provide the following benefits;

  • Maintains cleanliness for your customers and employees

  • Minimises health and safety risks

  • Can reduce your energy costs

Due to the interactive nature of daytime cleaning, our staff are trained to the highest standards of customer service so your customers and employees receive the best possible service from our team.

We also ensure that health and safety procedures are adhered to and audited, ensuring your site is safe and your employees protected. All our equipment and machinery is tailored to facilitate cleaning during normal business hours. This includes cordless machinery and dust suppression technology.

Industrial Cleaning

You need a safe and reliable industrial cleaning specialist.

As experienced providers of cleaning and maintenance services to manufacturing and industrial sites, we understand the challenges faced by you and your team. Rest assured that our management teams are dedicated and responsive. Our employees are fully trained to the highest health and safety standards to minimize risks for you. 

We are familiar with the most challenging issues being faced by facility managers and are experienced in:

  • Working in partnership to improve accountability and efficiencies

  • Scaling up and down services to adapt to clients’ needs

  • Maintaining and Improving health and safety standards

  • Ensuring reliability of service

We are practiced at servicing challenging multi-functional industrial sites and are adept at responding to the changing needs of clients. We take a proactive approach to our cleaning, anticipating issues and taking pre-emptive measures to ensure your site is consistently maintained to a high standard.

Ancillary Services

The last thing you need is to go looking for additional specialist service providers for your ancillary services.

Because we have the in-house expertise and equipment, we can look after all your additional cleaning services such as:

  • Window cleaning

  • Carpet Cleaning

  • Event cleaning

  • Feminine hygiene

  • Flood response

  • Sparkle cleans

  • Provision of bathroom supplies

If you need more than one cleaning service, or additional services around your building you might benefit from our facilities management and security solutions. It makes business sense to have one trusted provider coordinating all the elements of your facility maintenance.

Auditing software – putting you in control 

We use mobile auditing software which supports your management of the contract and improves communication through regular reports and access to real-time information. Because the software is tailored to your site or multiple sites, you can monitor and audit the cleaning specification to an exceptionally high standard. An added advantage is a reduction in paper usage.

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