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G Five Security is a Security Services Provider that offers security solutions through an integrated risk-reducing approach.

G Five Security has more than 20 years of experience in the Security industry and growth has been achieved in response to business demands for a credible, customer-focused, Security Services Provider in South Africa.



Our Business Values are built on honesty, integrity, and caring for employees.



To offer a risk-reduction product range of integrated security solutions to all businesses and sectors in South Africa.​



G Five Security has been highly successful in providing guarding and risk reduction services in

* Corporate Office Parks and Office Buildings,

* Industrial, Supply Chain, and Manufacturing Sites,

* Security Estates, Hospitality, and Retail Centers,

* Construction Sites and Farms.



Our business approach is based on the design of a service for new and prospective contracts and on the continual improvement of our current contracts in line with SABS ISO 9001:2009 standards.

Our personalized approach to the provision of risk reduction solutions, rather than the traditional manned guarding security services is based on the following fundamental principles:

* Zero tolerance to risk and loss.

* Fully integrated security solution, incorporating manned guarding, physical measures, procedures, and advanced technologies.

* Flat management structures allow for direct management involvement in service delivery.


Our quality management system is the cornerstone of our approach to Service Excellence through the maintenance of Standards, Employee Care, and Customer Satisfaction. We merge our operational strategy and quality management system within the scope of our certification.



We hereby give written confirmation that all G Five Security Officers are registered and that the company complies with all relevant regulations as stipulated by the following:

* The South African Labour Relations Act

* The Sectoral Determination for the Security Industry Private Security Industry (PSIRA) Regulatory Authority Act

* Security Provident Fund – PSSPF - Private Security Sector Provident Fund

* Security Medical Fund – Affinity Health



Our company structure has been uniquely designed to maximize operational efficiency, client service, and operational support.  Dedicated support service departments were created that consist of the following:

* Payroll

* Administration

* Logistics

* Human Resources

* Training

* Technical services (CCTV and Alarms)

* Cleaning Services

* Trolley Management 



The following are our minimum recruitment criteria:

* South African Citizen – Must have a certified copy of South African ID.

* PSIRA Registered Grade C

* Proof of Banking Details and Contactable references

* Clear criminal record – we perform a fingerprint criminal clearance on every new employee.



The Service Levels once agreed upon between the client and G Five Security, will be measured at regular intervals. This may be done at the monthly meeting, or it can be done quarterly, as determined by the site requirements and the client. The key performance areas (KPA) will therefore be measured regularly to determine whether the company is performing to the expected levels. The aspects where performance is up to standard may be improved upon and the aspects where performance may have to improve will be attended to through the implementation and execution of new plans. These plans will be built into the KPA and evaluated at the next meeting.



Industrial Action at a client’s premises G Five Security will support our clients by:

* Determining and managing identified risks in collaboration with our client.

* Providing additional manpower and if necessary increased supervision to identify key areas within the client’s organization and contract premises.

* Assisting on the strike committee with the client and providing recommendations.

* Ensuring that the company’s internal quality management process, in terms of management responsibility, customer focus, and continual improvement, prevails. 

Industrial Action within our Workforce

G Five Security has developed a strike action plan that can be implemented with immediate effect and individually tailored to suit the different areas and specific needs of our clients. It must be noted that G Five Security is not unionized. This is something that we are particularly proud of and is a testament to the management culture of looking after our staff.

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